How we do investment?

Sangam Ventures is a seed and early stage venture fund that invests to improve access to sustainable energy and resource productivity solutions for the underserved in India that can lead to inclusive development and creation of communities that are resilient to climate change.

Our thesis drives investments in:

Energy Transition

Circular Economy

Competent SMEs

We are focussing on 7 SDG

Our Portfolio

Inficold Thermal battery provides 6hrs of backup power for cooling at 83% lower cost/kWh of backup vs. diesel or 25% of cost of Lead Acid Batteries


Energy efficiency is a 3x better investment for increasing overall energy availability that energy generation


Carbon Masters has developed a circular business model for bottling & sale of biogas for kitchens, automobiles & agro-industries reducing harmful Methane & CO2 emissions


SolShare is leading the Energiewende by developing services backbone for the future of utilities


Delectrik Systems is developing very low cost, long duration sustainable energy storage system based on a mature Vanadium Redox Flow Battery chemistry


Khethwork’s highly efficient solar pump design is optimised to give farmers the flow required for surface irrigation with less than 300 watts of power and payback in 2 years